Sleep Better, Forgive Faster And Experience MORE Of God’s Presence

Creatively Growing With Full Hands And Full Hearts

Wild Happy Mamas:

Fight for quiet so their souls can be refreshed.
Fight for a healthy family
Fight against chaos, death, and brokenness.
Fight against lethargy and laziness.
They are not satisfied with Suburban Sunday Faith,
They know that God calls them OUT of their comfort zones so they can be unleashed as co-creators and problem solvers.

They fight for flourishing families who love each other (forever), and who have the capacity to spread their love and impact their communities and nations.

We envision Wild Happy Family becoming a place

where fighting mamas can

arise, make space, and be released

in their callings as creators and problem solvers.

Free Thanksgiving Printable Pack For Kids

 Thanksgiving is coming up! We know that it can be hard for the little ones to sit during a meal. So we created this really awesome fun pack to print out.  In this pack are over 20 pages of fun activities that are great for toddlers to young children.  In fact, my...

Podcast Ep 39 – What all busy moms need to know about loneliness – Interview with Kimberly Allston

Listen Now!In this interview, Kimberly Allston of Real Connection Ministry and Dani talk about the battle we have all struggled with: Loneliness. She shares a great biblical story and a key name of God that will make a huge difference in your life today. You'll hear...

Free Verse Memorization Cards

Cute Scripture Memorization Cards Our whole theme lately is courage (because of the 2020 Courageous Mama Summit), and COURAGE is an attribute we ALL want to grow in right?  Including our kids..  So that's why Taylor and I regularly create things for both Mamas and...

Building Structures To Deal With Anxiety And Release You From Overwhelm

How To Start Building Structures To Deal With Anxiety AndRelease You From OverhwhelmIn an interview with Kayse Pratt from Anchored Women she spoke about how building structures in our homes and parenting can help with anxiety, overwhelm, and help you become a peaceful...

Why You Don’t Deserve A Break – A Simple Christian Shabbat

In this article we are going to have a brief overview of the idea of Sabbath and what it means to celebrate a Christian Shabbat.  You Don't Deserve a Break. Especially all you mamas out there! You really don't deserve a break. It's not that you're not...

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Taylor Braun

Taylor Braun

Taylor is passionate about creativity and beauty. She desires to help encourage and release new creativity in others.

Dani Goeppert

Dani Goeppert

Dani loves family, food, business, and adventuring in life together with her big family and Jesus. She is on a mission to see equip mamas to bring healing into the world by becoming co-creators starting from the most important place: home.   

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