Dani Goeppert is a wild and happy mama of five, and married to the handsomest of German men. Serialpreneur, dreamer, eternal learner, courageous traveler (even alone with four kids).
She is originally from Canada but hasn’t lived there in over a decade. After moving to Germany in her early 20s, learning German and having five babies, her family packed up and moved near Kyiv, Ukraine. There they serve together with an international non-profit, and are currently conquering the next language – Russian. She dreams of one day being able to read Dostoevsky in the original.


She is passionate about growing wild happy families, inspiring mamas to step into their callings as co-creators and gives them tools to create more time, boost meaningful productivity and influence their communities with the power of relationships starting at the most important place – home. 



Taylor is a fun Loving, very structured and sometimes overwhelmingly task oriented / planning type of person(luckily this helps balance her wild and idea oriented sister out a bit ) . She is the mommy to 3 kiddos and her big dream right now is to open up an International Cafe franchise one day. Her passions include mmJesus, Coffee, Worship (through art and music), photography, painting and her family. She also always has some sort of home Renovation on the go, with not enough coffee or sleep in the world to get it all done but it makes life colorful and that’s what she loves.

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