How To Start Building Structures To Deal With Anxiety And

Release You From Overhwhelm

In an interview with Kayse Pratt from Anchored Women she spoke about how building structures in our homes and parenting can help with anxiety, overwhelm, and help you become a peaceful mama. 

As a mom with five kids, it was such an interesting conversation, because more often than not.. Chaos happens, and then also anxiety. 

Below is a small part of our conversation from the 2020 Courageous Mama Summit where she talked about how she starts building new systems and structures in her family’s life. And how at first, she felt like when she made a change she would have to stick with it forever. 

But that was actually the wrong attitude to have. 

This is what she said in our interview,

 ” I’m the kind of person that I’m like, Okay, this isn’t working, I’m going to give it a complete overhaul. The new way, I’m going to do it forever…. but the decision doesn’t have to be forever, you can change your mind later. And I was like, “what a novel idea!”
I look at everything is an experiment now.

I’m gonna try this, we’re going to see how it works.

And if there’s something about it, that I love, I’m going to keep it.

And if there’s something about it that isn’t working, we’re going to reassess and change direction. And that’s okay!

The biggest hurdle for me has been feeling like I have to commit to whatever change I’m making for the rest of my life.

But that’s just not the way life works!
I’m a total  type A personality thing. And when I looking at things as trial and error and giving myself the freedom to reassess, and change the path that has been really good. 

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Quick Tips

Tip #1 Everything is an experiment now

When you notice a problem in your day. Maybe you’re constantly running late. Try out something new, if it works keep at it.. if not, switch it. Systems should be flexible. 

Tip #2 

Reassess and change direction!

If there’s something about it that isn’t working. It’s okay to switch it up.

The whole interview (plus over 20 others!) can be watched/listened to right here: 


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