Cute Scripture Memorization Cards

Our whole theme lately is courage (because of the 2020 Courageous Mama Summit), and COURAGE is an attribute we ALL want to grow in right? 

Including our kids.. 

So that’s why Taylor and I regularly create things for both Mamas and kids… because our vision is for families to grow and journey together in confident faith.  

As a mom, I love pretty things. So that’s why I pretty much drool over adorable images like these. 

I don’t mind having them around my house laying on things, they make me smile!

AND they make my kids smile too!

Vere Memorization Cards For Boy

That’s why created these cards that you can simply print out and have right by your side during breakfast, or Bible time, or right before bed.. or whatever time you use to memorize verses with your kids.



Each verse focuses on a character quality: 
Kindness, Courage, Hope, and Obedience. 

What are your favourite verse to memorize with the kids? 

What ones do you remember from when you were a child? 

Dani Goeppert

Dani Goeppert

Dani loves family, food, business, and adventuring in life together with her big family and Jesus. She is on a mission to see equip mamas to bring healing into the world by becoming co-creators starting from the most important place: home.   

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