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Travel Journals 

Looking for free kid travel journals, or free adventure journals for kids? Here is the place you want to be! We are passionate about families having fun together, and what better way to do that then to ADVENTURE! 


I’ve put together 26 pages of printable journal pages for your next family road trip, or family adventure so you can have more memorable and intentional travels. 

Grab THREE Free Travel Journals For Kids (And Mamas)

After driving for over 6000km in 2018/2019 all over Europe and Eastern Europe one thing that I really missed was having a travel journal for my kids. 

We had packed up our house to move and had no way of printing anything! 

What we DID do was buy a few little notebooks from the dollar store as travel journals, and used those to draw, and write about our travels. 

  • Instant : These are digital, so there is no waiting. You can download, print and get started right away
  • Writing Prompts and Drawing Space: For those who like to doodle their memories, or write them out, or do both!
  • All Ages:  This little bundle of adventure has something for everyone in it.
  • ​Done For You Preparation: So you can think and plan other memorable experiences. 
  • Strategies and Ideas To Keep Those Precious Memories: All in one place. Forever and ever
  • ​Enjoy A Variety Of Journaling Prompts: So you can experience more mindful and intentional travel

What’s the catch? 

Consider it a gift from our family to yours when you join Wild Happy Family! 

We are passionate about families becoming more WILD and HAPPY and spending time together!

 Our family spent 2018/2019 traveling as accidental nomad between North America, Europe and Eastern Europe and we know how travel can be an AMAZING tool to bring families together. 

If you’re looking for some awesome travel tips, then check out what I wish we knew before we took the longest road trip ever. 

Grab your free Adventure Journal for Kids and a Free Mama Adventure Journal Kit!
Dani Goeppert

Dani Goeppert

Dani loves family, food, business, and adventuring in life together with her big family and Jesus. She is on a mission to see equip mamas to bring healing into the world by becoming co-creators starting from the most important place: home.   

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