Three Tips For Dealing With

Scary Life Chaos

In a strange country, without a good grasp on the language, our eight year old son was bit by viper. Is it possible to keep the calm when everything in life seems to be chaos? Thoughts from a simple mama amidst the storm. 

A mamas nightmare…. 

If you’ve followed our family for any amount of time, you may see that adventure seems to find us. 

And I know we’re not the only ones that experience the unexpected, the chaos, or the drama… so that’s why I’m writing about it. 

You may be facing something something similar to us right now (but I hope not!) 

Our BIG Mistake… 

After a really fun afternoon of wildly exploring nature with my two biggest boys, we were bike riding through the forest and my oldest spotted a small snake. 

We had researched just before that there were poisonous snakes in Ukraine, but further south from us. 

My younger boy, without thinking, reached out to catch the snake (he’s a natural born animal investigator). 

It happened so quickly. 

The bite. 

At first I thought there would be no problem, after all there were not SUPPOSED to be poisonous snakes in the area. 

Then his hand started swelling up after 30 minutes. After trying to speak broken Russian to our neighbor about if there were poisonous snakes in the area my husband was off to the hospital with him. Apparently this is a super rare thing here. 

After arriving in one hospital my little boy was transferred to another one where he has now been since… and the swelling has grown to his whole arm. 

Thank God it is finally starting to go down after a couple of days, and nothing really worse other than the swelling has happened. 

It has been a whirlwind of a week! 

Oh and we were supposed to be on “vacation”.. haha. 

So how do you keep a positive heart when everything seems to be going wrong? 






How do you remain calm amidst the storm? 

I don’t have all those answers for you… but I have experienced storms (especially with this kid) over and over again: 
Malaria in Africa, cutting an artery in Germany and now a viper bite in Ukraine

I mean, come on!!! How much can a mama handle? 

I’ve had many people asking me how I am remaining so calm about it all. So I thought I’d share my tips, while I’m in the midst of storm!

Tip #1 – Stay on the same team 

Communication gets really strained under stress and I try to keep my words uplifting when speaking to my husband and kids. It’s easy to start snapping (I do it too!) when things are under pressure. But when that happens, apologize right away. 

Stress is no reason to be mean.   

Tip #2 –

When you can, LAUGH!

Currently, my son is no longer in a life threatening position. Maybe he never was at this time, but there have been multiple other moments where he has been. I DON’T laugh then, I pray… but after everything has stabilized. We laugh about what’s happened the craziness of it all. 

It’s like a little debrief of the events. 

Recognizing what went well, what we we’ll never do again and so on.


And sometimes things get even crazier.

Like making an impromptu decision to wean the baby from night drinking so I can spend the night in the hospital with my son.

Or my husband getting caught in a super long traffic jam and the grocery delivery arriving at our house and the driving calling my phone while I’m in the hospital and I can’t understand him because he’s speaking Russian…. very quickly. 

Tip #3 – Ask for help.

Where we are, we have no family and a small community of friends. During this crazy viper bite experience, we have been very thankful for them who have been willing to bring us food, or watch our other kids and allow us to become more flexible. 

The truth is, we COULD just do it all by ourselves. It would probably be more stressful, but we would keep our independence. But I don’ think that’s what God wants. 
God LOVES relationship, not independence. 

We are thankful that we can let our friends love us in this moment, and I know it deepens our friendship.  

God LOVES relationship, not independence.


What a week. I don’t know what next week will look like. I’m hoping for more peace, and less of a swollen arm. 

What have been some storms in your life and how have you managed them? 




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Dani Goeppert

Dani Goeppert

Dani loves family, food, business, and adventuring in life together with her big family and Jesus. She is on a mission to see equip mamas to bring healing into the world by becoming co-creators starting from the most important place: home.   

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